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January 2007


CYMS Hall, Newmarket, Cork

Moll by John B Keane

“THE TERM ‘Moll’ has often been affiliated with gangsters’ better half. However, in the case of John B Keane, it refers to a scheming housekeeper who works for a priest who has a crooked agenda of her own.

This is one of the Kerryman’s greatest plays and Newmarket Drama Group will unleash the comedy with a twist in the community centre over the next two weekends.

Ireland in the 1970s was quite a draconian time, when the church held a firm grip on its parishioners. But behind the doors of a presbytery lies Moll, who is a dominant force, and at times, the scheming Moll has more power than the curate she is serving. Unknown to the two curates, Moll has set the cogs firmly turning with her own agenda and she wastes no time in putting that plan into action.

While many a housekeeper would pride herself on the appearance of a well-fed priest, Moll does the opposite and she starves the two curates, while fattening up the canon. She manages to cajole, bully and manipulates all around her. As expected, peppered comical lines and humorous encounters are guaranteed and when the bishop arrives, the seeds of destruction are truly sewn.

Newmarket Drama Group was revived 12 years ago and since then it has gone from strength to strength, picking up a loyal audience. Most of the talented cast and stage crew of this production will bring the house down with the title role of Moll going to Eileen Fitzgerald, Philip Linehan will play the canon, John O’Sullivan will be Fr Best, Michael Guerin appears as Fr Loran, while Helena Fitzpatrick will be Miss Andover, while the role of the bishop will be undertaken by Michael O’Halloran, who is also the director.

The stage management is in the capable hands of Mary O’Sullivan, while the set design and construction is by multi-award winner Con Guiney, and Paul O’Neill will again light the show.” The Corkman

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